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¿What is SENA?

¿What is SENA?
¿What is SENA?

Hello, such friends! Be welcome to another video. My name is Luigi. And today we are going to talk about SENA. Exactly from: What is SENA?. And we will talk about the SENA as part of a series of videos dedicated to this institution so loved and appreciated by Colombians. Surely you are wondering what SENA is, and no! I do not mean the river that runs only in France. I refer to SENA as an educational institution. Probably the people who are watching me from other places outside of Colombia do not understand very well what I mean. And quite the contrary many of the Colombian viewers of this channel, if they understand it and already have an idea of what this video is about. But do not worry friends, regardless of whether you are Colombian or not, here we will see what it is about. So let's start. In Colombia, there is an educational institution called SENA, which is known as the National Learning Service. And it is a public institution responsible for providing complementary and qualified training programs. Later on in other videos we will talk a bit about these types of training. It is an educational institution that seeks the technical training of human resources; forming people to link them to the labor market, carrying out business, community and technological development activities in a completely FREE manner. As an educational institution maintains a regular offer for professional training of the type, Technical, Technological and Specialization. In this way, we are able to offer approximately 522 training programs to people, among which you can choose what to study. Reaching in this way throughout its more than 50 years of existence be highlighted as one of the most important centers of technical education in Latin America. The SENA was founded there, in 1957, and has several offices in the city of Bogotá, a city that in turn is the capital of Colombia and also has a presence in the 32 departments that make up our country. In its first years of evolution, the main focus of SENA was based solely on providing technical instruction to workers and employees in industry, commerce and the agricultural sector. But over the years to the present SENA has had a series of improvements and developments that allows it to meet the demand of sectors such as finance, technology and health. All this previous growth is what has led SENA to become one of the best learning alternatives and, of course, training for Colombians with scarce resources, as well as workers and entrepreneurs. Interesting. True!. And now that you have learned something new, what do you think of this educational institution? It's good, it's bad or it's just another option. Leave your opinion and answer here below in the comment box. If you liked the video, do not forget to give up and of course SUBSCRIBE. Clicking on the corresponding button and pressing the bell next to it, here below this video. Share this video with your contacts and remember that if you want to chat with me or ask me a question you can follow me on each and every one of my social networks like @luigi tools. Well friends this video, your colleague and blogger Luigi says goodbye. Until next time.


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